Help! My Car Broke Down: Basic Things to Do

Car Tow

Car TowCars may breakdown for reasons unknown. You may find yourself with a flat tyre while on the road or the engine suddenly failing. What matters is that you know what to do when these problems happens.

Here are things you should do if your car fails you:

Stop somewhere safe

Shoulder lanes are there for a reason. As much as possible, you have to stop the car on this lane to keep yourself from causing more accidents. It is best to park it on a straight road with no curve behind it. Set up early warning devices on the road to notify other motorists coming up from behind your car. If the breakdown happens at night, leave your hazard lights on as a signal that you are having problems. Turning on the interior lights also gives you better visibility.

Do not try fixing it alone

Call for immediate road assistance. If you are fortunate, someone may stop over to help you out. It is always best, however, to go for someone you can trust, such as Brisbane’s tow truck companies. While you may initially check the car for problems, do not just fix it on your own until you find out what it is.

Unless you have great experience in fixing vehicles, you may try to stay clear of damaging your car more. Busted tyres may be basic, as you can easily replace them on your own with a spare. It can be dangerous, however, to replace them while you are on a highway with speeding cars.

When you are stuck on the road without any hope of repairing the problem yourself, call a tow truck service. Wait for assistance instead of forcing yourself to find a way to repair your car. Be patient and stay inside your vehicle to be safe.