How Earth Movers and Haulers Help Level That Playing Field – Literally

Rugby Pitch in New ZealandA rugby pitch, before it becomes one, is once just a patch of uneven field where you’d never dare to run at length. Because of earthmoving and hauling equipment, it became a level playing field.

Have you ever wondered how rugby players in New Zealand run rapidly across the pitch without tripping? Aside from the fact that they are fast sprinters and that they train exceedingly well, the field they’re playing on has been levelled almost to perfection. Welcome to the world of sports construction where earthmoving and haulage equipment are the stars.

The Beginning

It all starts with a plan and careful measurement of the geometric layout of the proposed rugby pitch. Engineers would measure the different elevation highs and lows of the field to determine which part needs to be bulldozed or filled. Being a popular sport in New Zealand as revealed by, contractors must ensure the ground is properly levelled so there wouldn’t be any tripping accidents at game time.

The Dozer

There’s a lot of earthmoving equipment that construction companies use to level the ground but the most popular is the 18 tonne D6 bulldozer. This behemoth is the equipment of choice among earthmovers in Whangarei. According to Cates Brothers, a dozer can be fitted with a variety of blades to move materials around or grade subsoil. It has the ability to wipe out any bulges protruding from the ground to produce a flat terrain. It can also be used to evenly lay down topsoil to further flatten the area.


These are usually composed of bottom dumper trucks that have the capacity to carry loads of up to several tonnes of excess or scrap soil. They can also be used to deliver materials that will be used as topsoil for the rugby field. These materials, after being levelled by the dozer, are then compacted by a vibrating roller to ensure that it fills the gaps and holes in the field.

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There are many other construction tasks involved before a playable rugby field emerges. However, most of these may not have been possible if not for the preparatory construction performed by earthmoving equipment and hauliers. In a way, they’re the ones literally levelling the playing field so finishing touches can be done.