How Should Restaurants Clean Their Deep Fryer?

Kitchen Equipment in a RestaurantThose who have stayed in the restaurant business for many years know that great food is not the only thing that keeps customers happy. Customers also pay attention to how the food is prepared. This is why it is important that ingredients are cooked using clean cooking appliances.

One of the cooking equipment that is challenging to clean is the deep fryer because this needs cleaning at least once a week. Before any cleaning can be done, the frying oil must be drained out. Instead of disposing of the used oil, restaurant owners can recycle it using a frying oil filter machine.

After draining the oil and closing the drain lid, follow these steps in cleaning the deep fryer:

Fill the Oil Well with Warm, Soapy Water

Carefully splash the water onto the sides and corners of the fryer. Afterwards, pour the rest of the water in the middle of the fryer’s bottom well.

Use Tongs to Scrape Off Oil Buildup and Residue

Restaurant owners use tongs to scrub the gunk that has accumulated on the fryer. They move the tongs back and forth and sometimes agitate the water by incorporating circular motions to the cleaning process. This action forces the water to loosen the extra grime attached to the sides of the fryer.

Open the Drain

Carefully open the drain to ensure that all the residue is flushed out. The residue must be transferred into an old, large bottle before throwing it in the trash.

Once the deep fryer is clean, the recycled oil from the filter machine is poured back to the deep fryer, ready for next use.

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A clean deep fryer can produce great fried dishes from simple French Fries to Golden Brown Fried Chicken. No matter how delicious the food is on the plate, the taste may be ruined if the food was cooked using a dirty deep fryer.