How to Choose the Right Tire for Your Car

brand new tire

brand new tireIf you are looking for the right tire for your vehicle, you have to find out the size, weight-support and other requirements of your vehicle. Whatever type of tire you choose will affect your safety on the road as well as your enjoyment.

Here are the factors that you should consider when buying new car tires:

Right size for your vehicle. The correct size for your vehicle can get complicated once you decide to upgrade or modify your vehicle’s original equipment size. The size of the tire should be able to support the weight of the vehicle. The car size can vary depending on the manufacturer hence the need for accurate measurement and conversion.

It should be exact. Too large a size would decrease agility while too small tires drag the car speed. Some may change the tire size but only up to 3%, which means an additional or lesser by approximately ¾” diameter.

Seasonal use. If you are buying tires, together with the KMC wheels, the temperature and weather where these will be used frequently should also be considered. There are different tire types for extreme seasons. Winter tires are designed to perform in cold, wet, snowy and icy weather. These are optimized for traction and handling under wet condition, though, it can be used in dry seasons, too. The default car tires are fit for any season. These have deep channels for wet traction and are made of harder rubber compound for warmer weather.

Purpose. Rough road driving needs heavy-duty tires. Off-road tires are suitable for extreme driving. These tires have sturdier sidewalls for greater resistance against punctures predominant in off-road traveling. Many factors account for an unstoppable off-road driving. This includes the tread pattern offers wider spacing than an all-season tire to help remove mud from the tread.

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The car tire has a big impact on the overall performance of the vehicle. The things you should consider in buying tires include size, weather and manner of usage. The right combination of these factors will make driving safer and more enjoyable.