How to Inspect the Engine When Buying a Used Car

Used cars in Fraser ValleyIf you’re planning on purchasing a used vehicle, you have to be vigilant when inspecting it to make certain that you don’t end up buying a lemon. Although the exterior of a vehicle will provide with a relatively clear picture of the vehicle’s physical condition, one of the most crucial things you’ll need to do is to inspect the engine. A vehicle’s engine is a very complex machine that requires thorough examination. Here’s what you need to watch out for when you do the engine inspection on your own:

  • Unusual sounds when you start the engine from cold.
  • The warning light for the oil instantly tuning on once you start the engine.
  • Indications of visible or excessive exhaust emissions. A top dealer of used cars in Fraser Valley, BC suggests that you look out for the following:
    • Blue smoke indicates burning oil and isn’t normal.
    • If the engine is still cold, white vapor from the exhaust is completely normal.
    • Black smoke from diesel engines is a bad sign, while pale blue smoke is fine.
  • To check if the catalytic converter is in excellent condition, request for the results of the vehicle’s most recent emission test to confirm whether its emissions are within the strict limits allowable for more modern vehicles.
  • A sound when pressing the clutch pedal or during a significant biting point indicates that the clutch is damaged.
  • Check if the timing belt has been replaced.
  • Check if the oil level is accurate; if it’s too high, it could mean that the engine is burning oil or simply overfilled, while a too low level indicates neglect.
  • Check if the oil filler cap’s underside has sludge. This could mean poor servicing or something else.
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Whether you’re buying your first vehicle or have experience buying used vehicles in the past, it’s crucial that you know how to check some basic things about the engine. Remember, a vehicle might look impeccable, but if the engine is unreliable, then the vehicle’s better off as a décor for your driveway.