How to Maximize Your Car’s Value Come Selling Time

Man and woman bought their first car

Buying your first car, driving it until it’s about to disintegrate right under you, and then hoping to get some value out of it when you try to sell or trade it in – that’s one way to break your heart and the bank.

This is a problem most first-time car buyers commonly face, thinking that it’s OK not to take care of their vehicle and that they would still fetch a little value from it when the time comes to trade up or sell.

Even with the best care, a car depreciates, but at least half the value of something is better than no value at all. Here’s how to increase your chances of getting something out of your old car before you sell it.

Keep it Running

A car in good condition is a hands-down winner when you sell it. Instead of buying kits for customization, use the money for a regular oil change, new filters, new brake pads or discs, and other maintenance needs. If something’s not right about your car, drive straight to a shop that offers car repair in service in Kaysville. Most of the time, a hundred dollars spent on repairs can raise the value by several hundred more.

Keep It Clean

If you’re buying a car and you have two options – one that’s been given copious amounts of care, and an identical make and model that’s been neglected – which would you choose? You see, a clean car is seen as more valuable than the one that looks neglected. In fact, you can expect an increase in the offers you’ll get just by giving your vehicle a good wash before meeting a buyer.

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Keep It Stock

Some buyers want a car that looks unique, and the only way to make a regular car unique is by giving it a custom treatment. This involves installing aftermarket wheels, a souped-up stereo, a custom bumper, and a carbon fiber hood, among others. But don’t expect to recoup what you paid for all this customization when you sell the vehicle. Most car buyers want a model that’s been kept more or less in stock condition.

Don’t be surprised if a buyer walks away after spotting the new and expensive spoiler you recently installed. Instead of wasting money trying to customize a car and possibly voiding its warranties, use the money for maintenance and detailing.

The only way to get any value out of your car when you sell it is to take good care of it. Besides, even if you change your mind and decide to drive it forever, proper and timely maintenance will give you fewer headaches down the road.