Important Questions to Ask your Car Dealer

Client asking the car dealer about the car

With all the newest car choices available in the market, buying a car for yourself can indeed be challenging. However, the right questions can lead you to the right car. All you have to do is ask.

Jot down these questions, and others that would pop into your mind while reading this article, before visiting car sales shops in Auckland such Auckland Motors.

Can you do any better?

Whether you are buying a new car or a used one, the beauty of it is that you can haggle the price, up to a certain extent of course. If your seller does not budge, do not be afraid to walk away and look for other deals.

Can some accessories be included?

Ask, and you shall receive, well at least most of the time. If they cannot give further discounts, some salespersons throw in freebies like mats, seat covers and the like. Others include both a discount and freebies. Again, ask to know.

Can you take it for a test drive?

Regardless of whether the car is new or used, ask if you could take it for a test drive. A dealer that does not allow a test drive might be hiding something. Leave him and move on forward.

Where is the closest service centre?

Think long term. If the nearest service centre for your vehicle is two hours away from your home, then purchasing it can cause more trouble than convenience for you.

Are there any damages to take note of?

Present damages or changes made can actually help reduce some amount on the used car’s price. A good dealer should be able to answer it honestly.

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Is it under warranty? If yes, how long?

New cars definitely have a warranty, and it is worth knowing for how long and what are the inclusions. As for old cars, dealers sometimes tend to offer new warranties. It is important to understand their inclusions as well.

Ask the right questions and be on your way to driving the car of your dreams!