Industrial Tube Bender: The Necessary Tool for Auto Repair Shops

mechanic repairing vehicleA machine shop or a full-service car repair and detailing shop should have all the necessary equipment  These include cleaning and greasing equipment, lifts, lathes as well as metal forming machines. A handy tool is the tube bender from Baleigh Industrial, which your shop can use to bend metal for the chassis, as well as various tubes and pipes. One of the easily recognizable car problems is that of a rusty exhaust. It’s easy enough to fix, but when a car owner neglects the problem, a repair turns into a replacement.

Common Exhaust Problems

The exhaust system, through controlled combustions, keeps away noxious fumes. The typical problems your shop will find with this system are rust and rattling noises in the undercarriage; some cars with a bad exhaust system also have smoke or fumes in the passenger cabin.

If the car has any of the above symptoms, it might mean that the exhaust pipes are in a deplorable state. A customer might bring in his or her vehicle for such problems to your shop, and a tube bender for exhaust pipes would help you gain more business.

Beyond Bending Pipes

With an exhaust bender in your shop, you never have to refer your customer to a specialty garage. You also provide better service because car owners don’t have to go from one shop to another. They can simply get everything they need done in one place: your repair shop.

Industrial pipe benders, however, come in various configurations. Some are for exhaust systems; others are for producing handrails, chassis, and more. This type of tool will give your shop even more capabilities beyond repairs; with a manufacturing capability, you can improve your profits. And with the Census Bureau reporting an increase in car sales, you can expect more business your way.

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If you do intend to invest in tools that expand your services, make sure to get ones that save time. Pipe bending features that include a quick-release die for seamless loading and unloading and drop-on tooling for fast die changes.