Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

Keep Your CustomersAny kind of business should be competitive enough to survive. To be competitive, your business needs to please customers and stay in their good graces. It is more expensive to get new customers than to retain the ones you already have, so don’t forget to take care of them.

Let them know you care

Loyal customers are hard to come by, but when they do, they’re worth the effort you put into making them stay. They are your free marketing tools, as they come back to support your products and services and even talk to their friends and family about going to you.

To let them know you care, make them feel special. This is the rationale behind memberships and privilege cards. Whenever you have a new product, give them free samples or a huge discount. You can also give them points that they can redeem in the future.

Make them feel comfortable

If you have a brick and mortar store, reserve a small space for VIPs, which are your long-time members. This is where they can rest and enjoy refreshments (free or cheap) as they wait for their friends or family to finish shopping. You can even give them first dibs on parking spaces. Write something like ‘VIP Customers Only’ on the walls or wheel stops of your Perth shop. You can get wheel stops from road furniture installation companies, according to Erections WA!

Your customers will feel extra special. These can keep them coming back for a long time.

Thank them

On their birthdays, on holidays like Christmas, etc., send them a simple gift or a card. Along with the gift or card, send them a brochure or catalogue of your new products and special offers.

Answer their questions

Your website should always have comments or clarification section. Spend time to answer your customers’ questions so they don’t have to wait for ages. Waiting online typically lead visitors to leave for other stores; remember how easy it is to click and tap.

Always make your customers feel extra special, whatever kind of business you run. This will keep them coming back, satisfied and happy.