Know Your Furnace (Or At Least Its Type)

Types of FurnaceWhen shopping around for furnace installation services, you have to have a picture in your head exactly what type of furnace you will need. Given that, budgeting and searching for the right installation company are important. You need to have an idea first on what kind of furnace you require because many types of furnaces function for specific uses. If you go for just any type that is not ideal for your use, then you will be defeating the purpose of having one installed in the first place.

Central Heat Furnace

This is a space heating type of furnace powered by gas, electricity, or fuel oil. Its main function is to provide warm air throughout the house. The heated air is produced from a central combustor or resistance unit. Then the heated air from the central combustor circulates through and releases through ducts located in various rooms in the entire house. This regulates the heat in the whole house and used primarily in buildings located in areas with freezing temperatures.


This is a type of furnace installed for water heater systems, Legacy Heating & Air explains. This uses a furnace to carry the heat in warm air then boiler systems circulate the heat in hot water. This then releases heat as it distributes through radiators around rooms in the house. Cooler water flows back into the boiler for reheating. These normally come with thermostats, which are essential for monitoring and regulating the temperature in your home.

Heat Pump or Reverse-Cycle Systems

This is a special kind of system which uses both heating and air-cooling systems. It uses a compressor, and a series of both outdoor and indoor coils to control the temperature for the whole house. To top it off for better control and regulation this system generally comes with a thermostat.

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So before you call for installation services, you should make sure first that you are familiar with the types. This way you will know for sure what kind of furnace you need.