Knowing the Truth About Bedbugs and Flies to Keep Your Family Safe

Keeping Your Family Safe from Pests in ElkhartGarden pests can be nasty. They can chew on your plants until there is nothing left but stalks and knobs. But, everyone agrees cockroaches are some of the nastiest creatures around.

Many people are scared of roaches that they end up buying half the pest solutions section of the local supermarket when they see one or two of cockroaches creeping about the house. It’s good to be aware of roaches and to deal with them promptly, but you also have to pay attention to other pests. shares the other nasty pests to watch out for — bed bugs and house flies.

Bed bugs: invisible blood suckers

Most of the bed bugs that infest homes come from external sources. When you stay in a hotel infested with bedbugs, you will be bringing contaminated luggage unknowingly. In most cases, people only realize they have bedbugs when they start scratching reddish marks on their skin that was not there the night before. Sometimes, there is no other sign of them. When you see brownish streaks on the sheets, then you have been visited by bedbugs while sleeping, and they’ve already feasted on your blood.

Cleanse your home of disease-carrying flies

Flies are irritating, but they may seem innocuous and harmless. Think again. Any member of your family can get very sick when flies that have spent time buzzing around fecal matter or sewage lands on the food they are about to eat. They have fine hairs all over their body, which serve as the conduit for harmful organisms and contaminated particles. Flies carry different kinds of diseases, and the parasites can cause real harm to your family.

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Bedbug bites can be very nasty indeed, so you have to deal with the infestation before it spreads to the rest of the house. Flies carry diseases. If you make sure there is no place near your home where they can breed, then you family’s health and well-being is preserved.