Let it Go: The Bliss of Saying Goodbye to Your Old Car

Old Car Has the time to say goodbye to your old car arrived? Are you experiencing separation anxiety? Goodbyes may be the hardest part, but on the bright side, someone is waiting to say hello to your old friend. Did you know that there is the bliss of saying goodbye to your old car? If you don’t want it to go to waste, here are smart ideas you can do for your old car.

1. Wrap it as a present.

You and your car have spent great memories together on the road. Why don’t you let someone make new memories with it, too? You can surprise your friend or a relative on their birthday with your precious car. Of course, you should repair it, do some improvements, and make sure it is still safe to drive. Your goal is to make your loved one happy, not to put them in danger.

2. Give it to a charity.

Seeing a loved one drive your car might not help you move on, so give it somewhere else. Donate your car to charity and help them reach their goals. To make sure your car will go to good hands, choose the qualified charitable institutions. Donate A Car noted that most of them are even willing to pick up your car for free. You’ll be able to earn from your old treasure, and help someone live a better life.

3. Sell it and donate the money.

Sell your car for other’s interest. If you don’t feel comfortable meeting new people to pick up your car, then sell the car yourself and give your earnings to charity. This may not be a simple task, though, as you have to follow specific guidelines in selling a car. Giving all your effort in making your car look new will show how you valued your car.

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4. Go green and recycle.

Advocates of 3Rs (recycle, reuse, and reduce) have shared smart ways to recycle old junks. Old cars don’t end up in the junkyard. In fact, there are great ideas on how to recycle your old vehicles and car parts into a new treasure. Transforming your car into something superb can be a great bonding with you and your family. It can be your way in creating more memories and quality time with them.

You may be living a new life without your car, but you will surely feel great after making a difference to others' lives. These old junks only prove that there is always a reason to turn goodbyes into a good hello.