Modern Techniques in Car Body Repairs

Car Body Repair in Perth

Car Body Repair in PerthEven the most efficient of cars and other automobiles, which generally remain in good condition for a long time, will require critical repairs as time goes by. The car might get dented or scratched or the paint might wear off. These damages cannot be easily fixed by just wax. It is no wonder that the car mechanics are always on the lookout of modern techniques for car body repairs in Perth.

  • Dent restoration techniques

When your car collides with another vehicle or hits a hard surface, dings or dents will show up. Dents are usually formed at curved or angular surfaces of the car. These are hard to fix but are very obvious. Today you have a restoration technique which is paint free and can rectify this kind of issue. The experts have the necessary tools to push back the dent without damaging the car paint, Nova Smash Repairs explains. Spray filling methods can also be used if the dents cannot be accessed easily.

  • Matching car paints

If your car needs to be repainted completely or painted only in certain specific areas, it is very important to ensure that the new paint is exactly same as the original paint. Today the mechanics use a photo spectrometer to get the exact colour tone. This is, in fact, a computerised matching system which makes sure that the new colour matches exactly. The mechanic will then paint the car with exact new colour paint and dry it to make sure it has a uniform look.

  • Smart repair and restoration

If your car succumbs to huge structural damage to its body frame, ultrasound technology is used to straighten the frame. The computer is used to calculate the alignment precisely and a laser aligns the frame correctly to its earlier state. Smart repair techniques are used to repair minor chips and dents. This method will repair only the affected part of the car.

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With such modern advancements in car body repairs, you can easily get a good quality repair service.