More States Charge Gas Tax for Electric Cars

Electric vehicles being chargedElectric vehicle owners may have something to groan about as they drive their environmental friendly cars. The number of states in the U.S. that have imposed gas taxes for electric vehicles have increased to 17, following the implementation of such fees in eight states.

West Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, California, and South Carolina now charge fees for owners of such cars.

Electric Fees

Electric car taxes have been effective in Georgia, Washington, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Virginia in recent years. The Sierra Club noted that Kansas, New Hampshire, and Montana have proposed a bill in 2017 that would require a separate charge for electric cars.

States generally impose the charges to generate funds for several purposes, including financial resources for transportation infrastructure. The fees serve as an alternative for the usual gas tax, since electric cars don’t require fuel.

Still, it’s unclear whether the charges will affect interest among buyers of electric vehicles. Georgia currently charges the highest fees for owners at $300 per year.

An Option

There is a way to drive a greener car, meet your tax obligations, and not cut into your budget too much. You can consider a before owned electric car, like the Tesla Model X (dubbed the greenest and fastest, with the P90D going from 0 to 30 in 3.3 seconds). Utah dealers such as indicate if a car has low mileage or if it’s had one owner. Then you’ll have adequate information about your used car before settling on one.

If an electric car still doesn’t meet your budget, the good news is you can drive a traditional car and not have to pay more on gas. Utah’s gas prices are taking a dive, but the national prices climb higher. The average price dipped a few cents in Salt Lake City as well as Provo.

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Whether you decide to go with an electric car or stick with the traditional one, you’ll benefit as a motorist when you live in Utah.