Most Accidents on the Road Result from Three Sources

DrugInfoTraffic accidents are a leading cause of death on the road, leading to the ruin of numerous lives. The article highlights some of the causes of traffic accidents on the road and offers useful insights.

With the continually rising number of cars on the road, exercising extreme caution is the best way to keep safe on the road. A minor distraction or miscalculation while behind the wheel could result in a traffic pile up, endangering your life and those of other road users.

Avoiding these distractions may increase your safety on the road: 

Distracted driving

Talking on the phone, checking emails and text messages and even changing a cd are some of the actions that distract drivers behind the wheel, leading to a crash. Smartphone are rapidly rising to be the number one cause of distracted driving and the resultant accidents. If you cannot afford to ignore calls while driving, opt to use a hands-free kit. Otherwise, put away the phone until you get to your destination.

Car breakdown

Despite your best servicing efforts, sometimes cars break down in the middle of a busy highway. When the failure is mechanical or electrical, having reliable towing services on speed dial avails you the help you need within the shortest time possible. Ready Towing says professional services focus on repairing minor faults at the scene while warning of other motorists to avoid them crashing into your car.

Driving while intoxicated

Drugs and alcohol reduce a driver’s ability to make proper judgements as well as the reaction speed. As such, a driver fails to respect traffic laws such as stopping at traffic lights, giving ways as well as keeping to the speed limits. Rather than risk your life, health, steep fines or even jail terms, opt to take a cab home after a drinking spree. Otherwise, have a designated driver take you home after a party and spare everyone around you the pain that results from a traffic accident.

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Exercising caution and obeying traffic laws is a sure way of reducing the number of traffic accidents on the roads and safeguarding human lives.