Moving House? Do It Systematically

A wonderful house

A move to a new house, even if it is still in Auckland, can be quite the stressful task for the family. It is not something that can be done in a day. There are things to prepare weeks in advance, while others cannot be packed until the last minute.

It takes careful planning to get everything organised. Here’s how to do it:

Change Your Bill Address

It takes weeks to reflect any change in your address, so this is one of the tasks that you have to settle in advance. Electricity and phone bills need to go to the new address in time for your move so that you do not miss any deadlines. It can be a hassle to pay for missed bills when your service had already been cut off.

Sort Unused Items

Those items you have stored in your business can be packed first and transferred to the new house–if you are planning to take them in the first place. Anything you have not used in the past year can be optional. Truck rentals are your best friend when it comes to moving houses, but if you want to have a fresh start in your new home, try not to hold on to so many things from your past. Sort them out depending on whether they are useful or not, and decide if their sentimental value is enough for you to keep them.

Create a Checklist of Essentials

You will have to wait until your last day in the house to pack the toiletries and plates. Come moving day; you do not want to forget your toothbrush. Sure, it will be easy to buy a new one, but it also would not be a bad thing to pack them in the first place. A checklist to guide you through last-minute packing can do wonders in avoiding unnecessary expenses due to replacing items you forgot.

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Being organised is a trait that will serve you well when moving houses. Start thinking about the move months in advance, to have everything covered.