No Eating or Drinking, Please! The Reason behind Train Rules and Regulations

TrainFollowing the rules is hard.

To many, it feels limiting not being able to do ordinary things. In public transport in countries like Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong, you cannot simply do whatever you want. But, if you think about it, all this is just a matter of understanding why.

No, You Can’t Eat or Drink

This rule is actually not for the cleanliness of the trains, but for your safety. Since there are multiple stops and turns involved in running a train, this rule protects you from choking. It also aims to avoid spilling things over somebody else in the cart, which can lead to trouble.

No, Even Sipping Water is Not Allowed

If you really have to drink, get off at the next station and drink before coming back. The rule about not drinking actually avoids slip and fall accidents on the floor. It also prevents soiling other commuters’ belongings.

No, You Can’t Breastfeed Your Children

Not everyone accepts a public display and physical contact. For the comfort and peace of mind of the other passengers, get off at the nearest station and feed the children. But if getting off the train is impossible, you can make special arrangements with the station authorities.

No, You Can’t Take Your Medications

Some medications are hard to swallow. On the sudden onset of stop or bump in the railway, choking quickly becomes a pressing risk. It is best to take your medicine before going to the station or talk with the station authorities first.

The Only Yes is the One Concerning Medical Emergencies

In the case of pressing concerns such as heart attack, panic attack or asthma, you can take precautions against it immediately. There is an exemption for these cases. And if you are not feeling well from the start, approach the station authorities.

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For both the convenience and the safety of everyone, there are rules and regulations to follow.