No-Nonsense Guidelines for Buying a Car Lift

Buying an Automobile Lift

Buying an Automobile LiftBuying a brand new car lift isn’t a small feat. Whether you’re a hobbyist and love working on your own car or an owner of an auto shop, you should get the car lift that’s specifically tailor-fitted to your requirements.

Take some cues from JMC Equipment‘s buying guidelines below.

Do your Own Due Diligence

Obtain all the necessary statistics and measurements prior to even beginning to look around for an automobile lift. Determine the precise dimensions of your workspace, the weight class of cars you’ll be using the lift with, and the features that you really must have will aid in keeping you from veering off the right path.

Safety at All Costs

Any type of lift, whether for trucks or typical cars, is entirely safe at their maximum rated capacity, so long as they’re serviced routinely, have the right safety features, have passed required inspections, and are correctly handled and operated. You must likewise check if the lift you’re eyeing is ETL/ALI certified.

Selecting the Right Lift for Your Requirements

There are basically around nine different car lift types you can pick from. Each lift obviously features its own benefits. It’s crucial to get one that’s specific to your capacity requirements, cars you work on, the kind of work you do, and your workspace. You must consider all these critical factors so that you can significantly narrow down which car lift is the most ideal for you.

Price vs. Cost

Acquiring the greatest deal will be determined over time by the effort, stress, and time you avoid or save. Do not be enticed by low-quality products that are offered at substantially reduced prices. Spend your hard-earned money on a superior quality, secure, and safe car lift that will last you a long time and ensure your safety in the workplace. In addition, determine what’s included in the purchase price, such as the usual offerings like shipping and warranty, because you may just end up getting a great deal.

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Finding the Right Dealer

Considering that you now know precisely which car lift you’re buying, one more crucial decision you have to make is where you’re going to purchase it. Do your research and call each dealer you’re planning on buying from so you’ll know what their customer service is like and who their customers are. It’s also vital that you know in advance if they’ll handle the installation. Consider this — can you really do a BendPak lift installation by yourself?

Car lifts are among the most integral investments in any auto shop or a hardcore car hobbyist. That said, remember all these buying guidelines to make certain that your investment will be worth your while and your money.