Old or Damaged Car? Remove Junk from Your Backyard

Do you own an old, damaged or ragged car rusting somewhere in the backyard and you have not yet figured what to with it? You may be considering repairs, but then the cost will be either too high, or the damage cannot accommodate any fix. So what do you do next?

Consider car removal services in Christchurch such as those of Christchurch Wreckers. Junking a worn-out car is the easiest way of earning extra bucks while keeping your backyard clean by dumping off the clunker.

But before that, what process should you follow?

Cancel the car Insurance

Cancelling the car insurance ensures that the person who removes your car does not make any repeated payments before expiry of the date insurance. If you had made the full insurance payment in advance, then you can ask for a refund.

If the coverage is almost over and you find the remaining amount to be non-consequential, it is still critical to notify the carrier. This way, you will have a well-established business relationship with your insurance provider, which could help you earn special offers and discounts in future.

Operate with a licensed dealer

Unless you do not mind being associated with car theft, avoid junk car dealers who do not have licenses. Before junking your car, walk to the dealer’s premises to ensure they are licensed. Better still, if your car remover has a well-established online platform, check for online license and verify.

This is critical to get you off possible future liabilities. If you choose to ignore this part, then you are likely to cry foul especially if they promise to pay the remainder of the money later and fail to do so. In a worst-case scenario, you might face charges in a court of law for an illegally transferred motor vehicle.

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Do not think twice; junking your car is a pleasant way of getting an old and rusting machine off your property, and replacing it with money in your pockets. For it to be successful, observe the above-unwritten rules.