Pimp Your Ride: Maximise Your Vehicle Performance with These Mods

performing travel car

performing travel carSerious car enthusiasts always think of the many ways to get more out of their vehicle engines. There are so many methods out there to improve vehicle performance, but in the world of petrol-heads, boosting brake horsepower (BHP) is the undisputed king.

If your car is not satisfying your need for speed, there are so many things you can do to boost its BHP, maximise engine performance, and finally remedy your frustration. Here are some of them:

Upgrade the Turbo

Whether you are a weekend warrior or are building strictly race vehicles, upgrading your turbocharger will help increase airflow, which improves the low-speed torque. This makes the turbo diesel engine stronger and makes it perform better.

Fortunately for diesel enthusiasts like you, these are easier to upgrade. You also have many options for your high performance needs.

Mount High Performance Intercoolers

Intercoolers do not only look pretty mean when mounted onto the vehicle, but they also help to increase its power. You need cold air if you want your engine to perform better, but forced induction heats the air. What you need to do is cool that air back down with an intercooler.

Most modern cars come with an intercooler, but they tend to be quite small or tend to be fitted on top of the engine (which is inefficient). Simply let an expert fit turbo kits and intercoolers made specifically for your diesel vehicle for more power.

Replace the Air Filter

Another easy (and cheap) way to add some engine power to your car is to replace the air filter with a better one—preferably with a performance air filter. Most vehicles have stock filters made from paper, which are good at keeping dust and other debris at bay, but restrict airflow. This means your engine cannot let in enough air and restricts its maximum performance.

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Performance air filters are usually made of oiled foam and cotton, which allows more air into your engine.

These mods should leave your car with some healthy gains in power and torque. If you want more, there are other means of modification depending on the vehicle you drive. You will simply need the right mechanical skill level to start these projects or you can hand your vehicle over to the pros.