Planning a Campervan Trip in the Bush and Outback

Campervan TripOne of the best ways to get around the Australian bush and outback is by campervan. Campervans are specifically designed for recreational touring, so if you’re the type who seeks adventure and, at the same time, value convenience, it’s by far the best vehicle option.

A campervan is ideal for travelers who would like to go road-tripping and at the same time go camping at different locations. You can drive through the vast and diverse bush lands and red dirt-covered roads in Australia’s most remote territory and have a classic camping experience under the clearest skies.

Planning for Your Road Trip

Driving in a campervan, however, does not necessarily mean your life will be much easier. Australia’s remote regions are not friendly to anyone, regardless of what type of vehicle you’re bringing. Even if you practically bring your whole house with you to the Northern Territory, it does not mean that you will not encounter any trouble on the road or while camping.

Before you head off on your classic campervan road trip, make sure you have everything you need. Other than the usual food, water, fuel, clothing, and camping equipment and supply, bear in mind that you will encounter a few roadblocks, such as an overheating engine or a flat tyre.

In Case of Emergencies

Make the necessary preparations so that you can easily get back on the road before night falls. If you do need to drive at dawn or dusk, make sure your campervan is equipped with LED spotlights for better visibility of the road. The road can be extra risky when it’s dark, with nocturnal animals crossing the road when you least expect them.

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Supply your campervan with everything you will need while camping, such as fuel, cooking tools, utensils, trash bags, toiletries, sleeping bags, first aid kits and so on. In case something happens that is beyond your control, such as a snake bite, make sure you have the phone numbers of the Northern Territory Emergency Service at your disposal. The NTES is located in Alice Springs, which is the closest you can get to civilization in the Red Centre.

Exploring the vast and rugged beauty of the Australian bush and outback by way of a campervan can offer a unique and classic kind of thrill. It lets you enjoy the immense quiet splendour of the vast desert country as you watch infinite blue skies and the surrounding wilderness cruise by.