Plasma Cutting: Its Uses in the Automotive Industry

Industrial plasma cutting

The automotive industry in the United States is giving mixed signals. The analysts believe that the new-car sales will slip in 2018. One of the reasons is the increased number of off-lease in the market. It will continue to be record-breaking compared to the previous years. It may grow at least 1.5 percent from 2017.

In other words, it still offers income-generating opportunities, especially for those who want to get into metal fabrication. But before you delve deeper into this business, there’s one technique you need to learn and master. It’s called plasma cutting.

What Is Plasma Cutting?

Many people don’t know there’s a fourth state of matter besides solid, liquid, and gas. It is plasma. The way its atoms behave is different from that of gas, although both are often compared.

Plasma cutting is a process that uses this matter to cut conductive materials. These can include steel, copper, brass, and aluminum. The automotive industry uses some of these in the vehicle’s body and accessories.

How Does It Work?

For plasma cutting, one of the primary tools is the torch. What it does is to generate an electric arc that then increases the temperature of the gas until it reaches the plasma state. Some of these gases are oxygen, nitrogen, and argon.

For more complex work and efficiency, though, it may be necessary to buy a CNC plasma cutting table. The CNC machine uses pre-programmed controls, resulting in more precise and cleaner cuts. Furthermore, it limits oneself from exposure that may result in injuries and reduces working time.

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What are the Benefits of Using Plasma in Cutting?

Plasma cutting now allows users to manipulate even some of the toughest materials in the market into different shapes, designs, and functions. It also increases the speed of production or fabrication of metals, which is helpful to a lot of businesses, particularly startups. It aids them in becoming more competitive regarding pricing and expansion of customer base.

Plasma cutting does have its challenges, but its benefits outweigh the issues. It is one of the best ways to improve production and efficiency while enhancing the quality of your work.