Preventative Fleet Maintenance for Company Cars

Company CarA company that invests in a fleet must also know how to manage the care and maintenance of their vehicles properly. For every car or truck that breaks down, the company loses time and money. As such, it is of utmost importance that the vehicles undergo preventative maintenance to keep them running in top condition.

Everyone has a hand in taking care of the company vehicle. Imposing stricter rules for the use of company cars will go a long way in keeping the car in top shape.

For example, smoking inside a vehicle affects the interiors of the car. It leaves a bad smell, and the smoke may cause staining and dirt. Disallowing smoking inside keeps the interiors clean, and it will need less shampooing.

Putting together a Service Schedule

Any company with a fleet will need to put together a dedicated service schedule. Regular servicing, which includes more in-depth cleaning, repairs and adjustments, is necessary. Cars must be serviced once or twice a year, depending on the frequency of their use.

To avoid decommissioning all of the cars in the fleet at the same time, the service schedule must rotate between vehicles. This ensures that there will always be cars available for your operations.

Keep a calendar of servicing schedules and book appointments with the service station several days ahead. Prioritise cars that are worse for wear, and take into account the possibility of emergencies.

Regular Maintenance

Along with regular maintenance procedures, conduct random inspections of the vehicle’s condition. Check on the maintenance status of the vehicle to see whether the maintenance work is being completed.

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Employees that are driving the vehicles must practice proper caution on the road. They must also regularly inspect the tyres, safety equipment and lights before driving. All windows and headlights must be cleaned thoroughly to ensure clear vision.

If there are any problems, the employee must report them immediately, so that they can be fixed as soon as possible.

Preventative fleet maintenance is a cost-effective process. It makes vehicles more reliable, and prevents the need for more difficult repairs.