Professional Advice for Starting an Auto Repair Shop

Auto Repair Shop

Auto Repair ShopTechnical knowledge and a liking for cars are a good combination if you would like to work as a mechanic and start your own shop. Here are some reminders on what you need to do to open your own automotive repair business.

Certification goes a long way

You may not savor the idea of having to go to training and certification, but you will learn a lot more about automobiles if you get a formal education on them. Plus, when you get certified, you will have something to show and display in your shop. Most customers trust certification if they have no idea about your skills just yet. If not for anything else, a certificate is great for marketing.

Know more about auto-related topics

The National Automotive Service Task Force helps service providers such as yourself get more information on your trade, receive training, find equipment and diagnostic tools, and find out more about OEMs and other auto-related organizations and professionals. Visit their website for more information.

There are many other websites you can check out to learn more about the industry, such as the US Environmental Protection Agency’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Regulations and Requirements.

Invest in tools and equipment

You can’t work on vehicles without tools and equipment. From the simplest wrench to a Challenger two post lift, you are going to need some capital to buy them. For this, either you draw from your savings or take out a loan. You may also think about a mortgage. Loans should be paid, of course; that’s why you should be serious about the next item on this list.

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Prepare a business plan

A business plan will give your business a more professional approach. This is one of the things that banks and investors look for when someone is asking for funding for a business endeavor. It details how you intend to fund and start your business, how many employees and how they’ll be paid, a list of suppliers or the names of your business partners, how you intend to approach the matter of repaying your loan, etc.

As with many other businesses, an auto repair shop depends heavily on its location especially during the first few months of operation. Consider these matters as you create your business plan.