Putting the Brakes on Avoidable Car Accidents

Car Accident in City

Break failures cause 5% of car accidents. That may not sound like a lot, but it tallies up to 300,000 accidents every year. Help prevent injury by regularly servicing your car.

Thankfully, brake malfunctions are rare, but when they do happen the consequences can be disastrous. In 2014, a driver had a catastrophic brake failure. It leads to the death of a teenage girl and left her sister in critical condition.

Brake failures are not usually the driver’s fault. However, if the failure occurred because the driver didn’t service or repair their car, they will have to cover costs of damage to another vehicle. Plus, they may be criminally liable for failing to keep their car in good condition as motoring law requires, or for injury to another person.

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Signs Your Car Needs a Service

Even diligent drivers may notice problems before their next scheduled service. Signs that something’s wrong include:

  • Car pulling to the side when applying the brake
  • Stiff pedals that are slow to move down when applying pressure
  • Odd noise from the brakes, such as grinding or squeaking
  • Vibration when braking
  • Wobbling when braking
  • A burning smell when braking
  • Fluid leaking

Even if you notice only one of these characteristics, your car needs a service straight away. It could be dangerous to drive.

Alignment and Brake Service

Clips and springs hold the brakes in place. They can lose tension over time, and the brake pads, too, may become loose. Whatever the problem, you can replace parts for a safer drive. You can also check other hazards, such as misaligned wheels. Misaligned wheels can cause friction and will become less effective at absorbing shocks. They will also wear quicker.

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