Rainwater Tank Performance Objectives and Safety Guidance

Rainwater TanksRainwater tanks act as catch basins to harvest and redistribute water from rainfall and roofed areas for future use.

According to Rhino Water Tanks, rainwater tanks are a necessity in Australia because of the scarcity of accessible water.  Despite the recent statistics that Australia now receives 90% of its water from mainland resources, there are vast areas with low population density that have no access to commercial water. In these parts, people survive using rainwater collected in tanks and underground streams.

But while the majority of the Australian community generates their water from the main pipes, most households — and probably you, too — still collect water to support sudden shortages. For more information on how a rainwater tank works, read on!

Performance Derivatives and Objectives

To help augment the water logistics challenge due to the extreme distances of the continent, innovations such as rainwater tanks help encourage people to conserve water. In addition to this, a rainwater tank should:

  • Provide a sustainable solution for an alternative water resource
  • Apply to real estate properties (old and new) for water runoff collection
  • Enable safer and high-standard tanks ready for use
  • Lessen the urgent demand for water technology installations for environment protection
  • Generate a readily available water source
  • Feature top-quality design for extended use
  • Come with safety measures to prevent injury or destruction of property
  • Work as needed

General Usages

Water coming from rain tanks should be safe to use in many daily activities. These include the following:

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Installation and Safety Guidelines

Though it’s easy to do it yourself, installation and testing of rainwater tanks should be done by certified plumbers. An incorrectly set up tank can increase the chances of water contamination and health hazards.

In some countries like Australia, water conservation is both a practice and a necessity. Learn to conserve water before it’s too late!