Repair or Restoration? Let These Collision Car Reports Show You

Car Repair

Car Repair After a car meets an accident, it goes through a series of examination before it can be repaired. The results of those examinations are then summarised into reports such as damage estimate and repair instructions.

Both contain a summary of information that auto repair shops use for customer identification and record-keeping, and most importantly, for creating repair guidelines.

What is in a damage estimate report?

As the term implies, a damage estimate report shows the cost of repairs, including materials, parts, and labour, A1 Smash Repairs explains. It also accounts for damage to engines and underbody parts as well as engine parts and pulleys.

The estimate should be within a reasonable price range. If it is too high, a customer may look for other shops with lower bids. If it’s too low, the shop could lose money for covering the cost without gaining profit.

A person in charge with this task holds enough knowledge in how vehicles are made. They are also good in numbers, computers and communication.

Repair instructions report

This report is provided once the customer and its insurance company approved the auto repairs or restoration needed. The shop’s supervisor prepares this report, sometimes with the help of a technician. Technicians carry out repairs and restorations based on the instructions provided in this report.

In a book titled Auto Body Repair Technology by James Duffy, basic instructions for a major body repair may include the following procedures.

  • Clean the vehicle thoroughly before moving it in the repair area.
  • Carefully read and study the instructions to determine repair procedures
  • Removed the bolt-on parts that need repairs (e.g. badly damaged).
  • Measure damage.
  • Straighten frame or unibody damage on a frame rack.
  • Replace welded-on parts that are badly damaged.
  • Straighten body parts with minor damage.
  • Coarse-sand repair and apply body filler.
  • Apply a primer-filler around a body-filled area.
  • Fine-sand all parts that need repair before refinishing.
  • Clean surfaces to be painted and mask areas not to be painted.
  • Refinish damaged body parts and detail car or truck as needed.

Car repair and restoration are considered when it is a more practical option than buying a new one and can be restored to its original condition. Reports like repair estimate and instructions would help car owners determine whether it is a practical option or not.