School Necessities: Air and Water Filtration for Children’s Health

Children's HealthA child’s size and physiology make them more susceptible to environmental hazards than adults are. Indoor air pollution, for example, increases the risk of asthma, which could keep them at home on school days. Furthermore, contaminated water and poor sanitation may lead to dehydration or diarrhoeal infections. To give children the healthy learning environment that they deserve, it is important to install and maintain air and water filtration systems in every school.

Keeping the Air Clean

Australia’s air quality is relatively better than many other countries, but it doesn’t hurt to be vigilant about air quality. After all, it affects both health and well being.

Air pollutants are a major cause of respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. They are also a potential cause of developmental problems among children. As such, schools need air filtration to control the pollutants that affect their students.

Schools should also be familiar with the six air quality standards that oversee all state and territory governments in Australia. These cover carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide, lead and particulates.

Purifying the Water

HVAC supplier Masterflow Solutions says that side stream filtration partially filters liquid in a system to prevent bacteria build up. The filtration system is one of the many types that keep a school’s water supply from contamination and inadequate sanitation, making it an essential part of school equipment.

Without filtration, a school’s water supply could cause health problems for students. Lead and copper leakage, for instance, may affect children’s learning ability and behaviour. Unusually high levels of fluoride in water may affect IQ. Furthermore, unfiltered water may contain contaminants such as carcinogenic volatile organic compounds which potentially cause cancer later on in life.

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For children to excel in their academics, they need to have a healthy lifestyle and environment. Air and water filtration at school — where they spend most of the week in — is crucial for their growth and development.