Scissor Lift Risks: Why Only Trained Operators Can Use Them

Scissor Lifts Equipment

Scissor Lifts EquipmentMany industries and organisations in Singapore greatly rely on scissor lifts for their day-to-day operations. Just like any other type of heavy machinery, only certified and qualified individuals can operate and use these aerial lifting devices. According to Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, lifting equipment, which includes scissor lifts, require registration before their utilisation.

There are plenty of reasons only qualified, licensed and certified operators can use Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) such as scissor lifts. Galmon says one is the array of health and safety threats associated with the improper operation of these machines.

Mobile Elevating Work Platform Accident Causes

Conduct a Google search on accidents that occurred involving scissor lifts in Singapore and you will find thousands of news reports and articles about such unfortunate incidents.

Although there are plenty of causes for such accidents, the primary ones include improper use, neglect and lack of maintenance, and use of the machine by someone unqualified or untrained.

Scissor Lift Operators: How Their Training Reduces Dangers

Working with heavy machinery such as MEWPs, including scissor lifts, can be hazardous and even life-threatening, especially when the operators do not have the necessary training or education about its use. Developed countries like Singapore only authorise trained MEWP workers to operate these pieces of equipment due to the major safety and security risks involved. These include structural failures, falls, tip overs, entanglement and lift platform ejections.

Incorrect use of scissor lifts and similar machines do not only pose serious physical dangers to its operators and people nearby; they also put companies at risk of legal liabilities.

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Singapore is an efficient country because of its strict requirements when it comes to hiring tradesmen and skilled workers. Through completing a scissor lift operator course, one will have numerous job opportunities to choose from without having to worry about life threatening situations.