Should You Buy a Double Scissor Auto Lift? Benefits to Consider

Auto lift in a garage

When buying an auto lift, the sheer number of available options makes choosing one a bit confusing. Having the appropriate type of lift is crucial to productivity, especially in full-service garages.

Among the models that can help boost productivity and efficiency is the double scissor lift, which is known for being more reliable and safer than conventional scissor lifts. JMC Equipment reminds customers of the advantages of double scissor lifts.

Ideal for use in tire rotations and brakes

The lift offers flexibility in accessing tires and nearby areas, particularly when raised to the precise ergonomic height.

Convenient loading and unloading

With the parallel ramps and coordinated lifting, driving on it, lifting, and releasing a car becomes smoother and easier.

Various installation options

You can install the equipment either flush mount or above ground, whichever provides more convenience for you.

Reliable and safe lifting

By using a double scissor lift, you ensure that both sides are lifted at equal speeds. In addition, cars are always raised to the same altitude to ensure safety.

Extendable platform

With a double scissor lift, you just have to flip the diamond-plated ramp for an extension. This guarantees consistent lifting even for wheelbase vehicles with more length. A Few Drawbacks

Limited under body access

While you can do tire and brake repair and maintenance work on the lift, parts of the car’s underside are blocked. Mobile column lifts are better to use for under body maintenance.

Impractical for heavy-duty vehicles

The lift is not ideal for use on large, heavy vehicles. Use heavy-duty 2 post lifts, instead.

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Now you know that double scissor lifts have more advantages than drawbacks. It’s up to you to decide if this is the right equipment for your automotive servicing needs.