Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Car Tires

Tire Care

Tire performance plays a critical role in the safety of your vehicle. However, even the highest quality tires need to be replaced once they wear out. Worn out tires can reduce traction on the road. They’re more prone to cracks and can fail while in use.

Do not let worn out tires compromise the safety of your family. Here are some clues that will tell you if it’s time to replace your tires:

Tread Wear Becomes Visible

Don’t hesitate to replace old tires when you notice tread wear bars are running or forming across the tires. Over time, these tread wear bars will become flush as the tire continues to wear out. To be sure, you may invest in all-season tires in New Jersey.

Abnormal Bumps or Bulges

You may need to replace any tire that has bulges, knots, or bumps. Driving through large potholes and over curbs is the primary cause of bubbles and bulges in tires. Cracks and knots could also develop if you drive with low-pressure tires. Avoid driving with tires that have bubbles and bumps, as this indicates that the structural integrity of a tire could be compromised.

Treads Become Less than 1.5 Millimeters

Tires with treads that are less than 1.5mm are a sure sign it’s time to replace them. You can use a caribou’s tester to figure out whether your tire’s treads are critically low or not. However, it’s wise to replace winter tires once their tread is worn out to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Just like how your shoes wear out over time, car tires peel off any time you drive. However, this isn’t a sign of reckless driving, but an inevitable fact of life. As such, it’s crucial to replace car tires once they wear out or get old to avoid accidents.

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