Simple Advice for Painting Your House

Couple Painting HousePart of your home’s maintenance is protection. The best way to protect its exterior from the elements is to give it a fresh coat of paint and some caulking now and then. When the paint on your house starts to blister, peel or crack in some areas, that is the best time to hit the hardware store for some brushes and cans of paint. These signs will get worse if you ignore them for too long, and the job may become more expensive. It may even require a professional to do it right, and a professional may charge a fortune.

Here is some advice to help you do the job right.

Choose your paint

There are two basic types to choose from alkyd (oil-based) and latex (water-based). If you pick a latex paint, get the best quality. It will dry more quickly and emit less odour. It will also stay flexible for a longer time. Alkyd is harder to wash off, requiring paint thinner. It is, however, resistant to stains and quick-drying. To make a more educated choice, do a bit more research and ask around. You may also get advice from the store you are getting the paint from.

Clean the surface first

Don’t just start painting. Remove the muck and grime that’s accumulated on your old paint. Use a pressure washer if you have one, but you can also use a brush with stiff bristles and a garden hose. Remove flaking or cracked paint. A clean surface is easier for paint to adhere to. Seal up any small imperfections and holes with putty.

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Use a roller and a brush

A roller can make your job easier and faster. It can also make your paint job more even. For parts that are hard to reach with a roller, use a small head brush.

Start at the top and in the shade

Choose the side of your home that’s in the shade at the moment. Start at the top of that area. Use a ladder to reach a high area. If you have a house with upper floors, a ladder may not be enough. If you want to reach those areas and feel safer as you work, consider an access platform hire in Staffordshire. Cover the platform and railing with newspaper and painter’s tape.

When the sun hits the area you’re working on, move on to the area now in the shade. Paint applied under direct sunlight will dry too soon, before it adheres. This will shorten the life of your paint. If there is moisture on the surface, wipe it dry first. Moisture may also prevent the paint from adhering properly.

These simple pieces of advice will keep you from repeating the job or hiring someone to redo it for you. Make sure to schedule the job on a warm and sunny day.