Spotting a Failing Diesel Fuel Injection Pump

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Small as it may seem, a diesel fuel injection pump is a vital part of your car. It pumps the diesel from the tank to the engine, so a malfunctioning one will cause your car to sputter and stall or not start, even. In order to catch a faulty pump while there’s still time for repairs, here are some signs you have to look out for.

High-Pitched Sound

Different car pumps make different sounds. If you notice that your vehicle is making an unusual sound like a high-pitched noise or a scraping sound, it might be a symptom of a diesel fuel pump that’s in trouble. You should have a professional check your car right away, especially since New Zealand law has placed a 95-decibel limit on cars with registrations before June 2008.

Slow Performance

Your car might have a loss of power that translates in slower performance. If you experience this often, consult with a mechanic or visit a reliable car parts store, such as Simms Diesel & Turbocharger Service, to get a high-quality replacement diesel fuel injection pump.

Diesel Pressure is Low

The performance of your diesel pump directly affects fuel pressure. If your car is experiencing low diesel pressure, it will have a problem starting even if the rest of the vehicle is working properly.

Acceleration Problem

If your vehicle is falling short when you try to accelerate, it might not be getting the right amount of fuel to speed up. Acceleration problems might be due to a faulty diesel pump that cannot channel enough fuel to the engine.

Car Halts Periodically

Since the supply of fuel is not consistent with the car’s activity, a failing fuel pump will cause your car to sputter to a halt from time to time.

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Having a fully-functioning diesel fuel injection pump is crucial to your car’s overall performance, so be more watchful of the signs that your car might need a new one.