Starting a Small Automotive Repair Shop in Your Garage

Auto Repair ShopNot a lot of people get to work in a field they enjoy. It’s important that you choose the field that gives you the most pleasure so, as the saying goes, you don’t have to work a day in your life.

If you’re into cars, for example, there are several businesses you can start that will allow you to stay close to your favourite toys and help others take care of their automobiles, all while you’re getting paid some decent money. One of those businesses is a small auto repair shop. The good thing about this business is you can even run it from your own garage.

Here’s some advice on how to start your small auto repair business:

Get Some Formal Training

There are institutes that offer automotive mechanic training. You will earn a certificate for finishing the course, which is a good marketing tool in addition to all the additional knowledge and experience you can get out of the course.

Find Resources

Use the Internet to find resources for just about every type of vehicle you have to work on. Compile or bookmark a few of these websites and keep your computer close at the shop so you can get some resource material whenever you need it.

Write Your Business Plan

With your business plan, you can take out a loan from your bank that will aid you in setting up. Note to those who plan to open a shop at home: you may need permits. Also, check if you can get good customer traffic where you are. Your shop should be easy to find.

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Put Together your Materials and Tools

This is a business that depends heavily on experience, but it also depends heavily on the tools and materials at your disposal. Everything from wrenches to quality sanding discs is important, especially if you want to offer an all-around mechanical shop.

Think of a Specialisation

Of course, if you think it’s too soon to offer all services, you can focus on one or two for the meantime until you have the resources to offer more. For example, you can offer electrical work for now, then later you can have more services.

A good mechanic’s shop will never run out of customers. It is a lucrative business that lets you get up close and personal with your favourite machines. What more can you ask for?