The Basics of CNC Plasma Cutting Systems

Plasma cutting system

Plasma cutters have been a staple of almost all industries that involve metal work. Its ability to cleanly cut through sheet metal is incomparably more accurate and more reliable than any other technology to date. While this device is relatively new, it has become one of the fundamental tools for anybody who works with metals, from the biggest companies to the occasional hobbyist.

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Despite being discovered only by accident just a few decades ago, modern plasma cutters offer the highest precision cuts compared to any industrial CNC cutting system. Its interface works with any Windows-based computer and can be operated by almost anyone with the most basic knowledge of computers. All these benefits come at a cost, however, which is why industrial systems are a notable investment even in larger workshops and factories.


Regardless, plasma cutters are still within a reasonable range considering the price to value ratio. Their accuracy helps lessen an enormous amount of waste, and their automation ensures maximum efficiency. For owners who run smaller operations, and even weekend hobbyists who just want a tool capable of cutting metal, this can sound too much. Luckily, there are hand-held plasma cutters that, while performing only at a fraction of the power of their industrial cousins, still hold their own against traditional cutting processes.


Plasma cutters often work with servo motors with optical encoder feedback, allowing for a greater accuracy and speed. This allows it to perform extremely detailed cuts even metal sheets of medium or lower thickness. With a person who knows their way around CAD drawings and has at least read the manual, these devices can be ready for use in only a few hours. No need for specialised training or any other additional processes, before you can get right onto what’s important.

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Plasma cutters are here to stay. So if you’re thinking about finding a tool that can help you with your metal work projects, or even up the efficiency and productivity of your operations, then you could do worse than to give this fairly new technology a chance.