The Monster Craze That’s Pokemon Go: What Every Business Could Learn

Free Mobile Application in DenverAnybody who’s up-to-date knows that Pokemon Go is the mobile app to beat right now. Statistics state that users spend their time on the app 10 minutes longer than the time they spend on Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. It even surpassed Twitter on the number of active users daily.

Here are some precious lessons that businesses could learn from this phenomenon:

Any Business Could Take Advantage of Offering Free Apps

Despite Pokemon Go being a free mobile app, it’s actually cashing in more dough than any other free app at the moment. It follows the “Freemium” business strategy wherein users could freely download and use the app, but have the option to buy in-app offerings such as premium content, features, and special goodies.

The lesson here is that engagement is the quickest way to get money from a free app. Mobile application development specialists in Denver say that you need to ensure that users enjoy your app, so they choose to invest in special in-app purchases.

Social Media Reimagined

Pokemon Go requires its players to go out into the real world and go to particular locations, resulting in people who would’ve otherwise never met in the real world meeting and even making real conversations and connections. Take a look at your business’ social strategy and see if you could effectively combine your social media and online strategies to social activities in the real world.

User Retention Requires Loyalty and Engagement

Pokemon Go instantly grabs the attention of users and increases their engagement by sending push notifications whenever there’s a Pokemon nearby. This way, they involve their users more and retain them.

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Even Cutting-Edge Technologies Could Go Mainstream

The app has proven that augmented reality (AR) could affect user behaviour if businesses use it properly and in Pokemon Go’s case, it’s through the novel use of entertainment, geolocation, and artificial intelligence among others. Using AR in mobile apps could be a smart move for many businesses, as long as it drives the context and simplicity that users require.

Whether you love or hate Pokemon Go, you can’t deny the fact that you could definitely learn from its highly effective business model. It has set the bar high for many businesses, and if you’re wise enough to recognise that, you must act quickly and follow suit.