The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo is an Oversized Executive Sports Car

Front light of a PorschePorsche is known for its incredibly high-performing sports cars, blasting through streets and race tracks with its signature ferocity and style. This is why when they came out with the Panamera, quite a lot of heads got scratched.

It’s a stretched-out 911, mainly designed to accommodate people like David Hasselhoff (who stands at 6’3), and the executive types who would like more luggage space than what a typically cramped 911 offers. The Panamera’s exterior polarized the German automaker’s fans, but the second-generation Panamera Sport Turismo looks set to change those opinions.

Style and Space

Sure, it’s still a station wagon variant of a 911, but the styling evolved just enough not to make aficionados wince when they see it. Apart from the exterior, seating space is the Panamera’s main deviation from its race-bred siblings. The interior can comfortably seat four adults, and maybe an additional small child in the back.

The space behind the rear seats is a spacious 18.3 cubic feet, expanding to 49 cubic feet if the rear seats are folded flat. Formula Motorsports notes this is considerably roomier than the standard Panamera, able to swallow several sports bags and all manner of luggage easily.

Spoiler Alert

The Sport Turismo also boasts a deploy-able roof spoiler, which activates at 105mph to produce 110lbs of down-force towards the rear axle. Speaking of the speed department, Porsche says the Turbo variant can launch from 0-60 mph in 3.6 seconds, with the Sport Chrono option able to shave that to 3.4. Undoubtedly, the 550hp twin-turbo V8 engine mated with the new eight-speed PDK shifter is capable of some truly ferocious acceleration.

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Tailor-made for Executives

While it’s no faster than its closest rivals, the Sport Turismo retains that razor sharp Porsche handling, which should give it the advantage in corners. It even has a hybrid version for the more environmental conscious shoppers out there. Despite all that awesome specs, the Panamera Sport Turismo still caters to a particular segment of the market: high-powered executives looking for a high-powered touring, luggage-hauling, but no less heart-pounding Porsche.