Three Compelling Reasons to Hire a Qualified Lift Inspector

Car on a Lift in a Garage

Car on a Lift in a GarageWithout a car lift, changing tires, fixing the undersides, and improving other parts of a vehicle will be difficult. It is only right that you protect this equipment in your shop. Inspection is one of the best ways to make sure your lift remains in good condition for a long time.

A car lift is a must-have for every auto shop. For small shops, scissors and challenger two-post lift are good options. Four-post lift, parallelogram, and mobile columns are for big shops that cater to both passenger cars and trucks.

Your car lift should undergo regular checks by your service technicians, and one major inspection every year. When choosing a lift inspector, make sure they are qualified by the Auto Lift Institute (ALI) to perform the task. Hiring a qualified lift inspector is necessary for the following reasons:

Ensure Safety of Workers

Ensuring your workers’ safety is the main reason to hire a qualified lift inspector. You can’t replace any body part once they’re severed by a falling car from a faulty car lift. You can’t also bring them back to life when the car crashes down and kills them. A holistic and detailed lift checkup that only a qualified lift inspector can offer helps cut down the risk of such accidents.

Avoid Costs

Accidents also damage the car. A damaged car is easy to replace, unless it has a sentimental value to the owner. In the end, you still have to pay for the damages to the car caused by a faulty car lift.

Aside from car replacement and repair costs, you are also bound to pay for your workers’ hospitalization bills. You have to deal with personal injury litigation costs as well. The annual checkup service of a qualified lift inspector may mean another cost. Then again, the service fee is once a year and the costs are lower than handling accidents caused by a faulty car lift.

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Protect Your Shop

Many individual contractors out there are claiming that they have the qualifications to perform lift inspection. Instead of simply checking their ads, you should find lists of licensed lift inspectors from reliable websites. If you hire someone who isn’t qualified, you run the risk of violating industry standards. What’s worse is your shop might be closed down by the government.

Whether you have a simple lift, like a challenger two-post lift, or a big one like a mobile column, you should have it checked annually. You should only get a lift inspector certified by ALI to check your equipment. By doing so, you ensure your workers’ safety, avoid certain costs and protect your shop.