Three Signs That You Shouldn’t Drive Your Car

man repairing a car's engine

Learning how to drive is an exciting experience. Knowing when it’s okay to drive is essential if you want to stay safe. However, knowing when you shouldn’t drive is even more critical. A thick cloud of smoke that is coming from your car’s hood is an indication of trouble. Here are three other signs that you shouldn’t drive your car.

The Brake Light Is On

You know how important your brakes are in keeping your car’s occupants safe. If the brake light comes on and your parking brake isn’t engaged, then that’s your car’s smart electronics informing you that your brakes are due for an inspection. If strange noises accompany the light, then you need to see a car repair service in Alexandria right away.

There’s Steam

Steam is usually a hint that your car’s coolant is leaking from the system. If there isn’t too much steam, then that’s a sign of a slow leak, and you can keep driving until you reach the next auto service shop. A lot of steam, on the other hand, means that there’s a massive leak, and driving can result in your engine overheating. Pull over and check it out.

Car Handles Differently

If you are out on the road and you notice a sudden difference in how your car handles, then safely get to the side of the road and inspect the problem. It’s probably a blown tire, a steering fluid leak, a faulty brake, or a loose wheel. Regardless of the problem, it’s essential to get it sorted out right away to avert potential disaster.

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Knowing when something has happened to your car on the road can prevent damage and keep you safe. In many cases, those little signs are sufficient reasons to pull over and make an assessment.