Tips When Buying a Used Car

Man bought a used car

A second-hand car is cheaper but not necessarily worse than a brand new one. With the right approach, you can purchase a second-hand model and be perfectly happy with the results. Here are some tips on how to make that purchase.

Inquire About Past Maintenance by the Owner

Find out what kind of repairs made, or if the owner replaced any parts and upgraded any feature. Ask about car rust repairs in Manukau done on the vehicle by reputable shops such as Breen Panelbeaters since this is one of the most reliable indicators of the vehicle’s stability as a purchase.

When not cleaned immediately, rust can accumulate and cause irreversible damage, even with an excellent engine. An ‘as is’ car is often a red flag.

Choose a 3-Year-Old Car or Newer to Help with Financing

When it comes to old cars, you can either purchase it on loan or pay directly with cash. If you are getting a bank loan for the car, make sure you are getting one that is not older than three years. This is because very few banks will finance a car that is around 4 or 5 years old. These cars often have lots of mileage and unlikely to last long.

Opt for Program Cars or Rental Cars for Sale

While it makes sense to buy from a private owner, you can get a better deal on program cars or cars that were originally available for rent. Program cars are vehicles provided to company employees and sold off before they hit 10,000 in mileage. Since they are company-owned, this makes them religiously maintained.

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Of course, these are just some tips on how to purchase an old car. It is often best to compare prices and try to narrow down your vehicle type before going shopping.