To Operate a Boom Lift Best, Proper Training is Best

Boom Lift TrainingA little learning is a dangerous thing. Seeing the horizon stretched out in a perfect straight line, people long, long ago believed the Earth was flat; they dared not travel too far out fearing reaching the ‘ends of the Earth and falling. That may sound funny today but the same could apply with work – most especially operating a boom lift.

With all but a handful of controls, navigating a boom sure looks like child’s play compared to driving a car. Without the benefit of thorough training though, that complacency is how many workers led themselves to ruin, Galmon says.

Not About Luck

Boom lift may come with many names – basket lift, basket crane and perhaps more popularly as cherry lift. Its ability to adjust itself to different heights with ease has made it a regular site in many of Singapore’s streets, in repair and construction works. But the boom can be unforgiving. Manned with inexperienced hands or a negligent worker, the powerful lift mechanism could turn ugly – costing lives.

One recent incident outside Tiong Bahru Plaza should be revealing. A boom which was about two-storeys high was left leaning on a tree with the hoarding around it collapsed. Good thing no one was hurt or injured, AsiaMalls, the property manager detail.

Unfortunately, fatalities regarding MEWPs (mobile elevating work platform) do happen. Worse, majority involved booms more than any.

Err on the Side of Safety

Gaining proficiency in operating a boom means more than just learning how to move the lift. While, self-exploration may lead you to have some proficiency, it could fall short in painting the whole picture for you, Galmon says.

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This is why getting a boom lift operator course is a must. It’s not only because the Singaporean government mandated it but ultimately, it’s about keeping you and everybody around you safe. Thorough knowledge does not just involve how to operate the boom. Comprehensive, it teaches you how to effectively operate the machinery showing you the inherent risks and how best to prevent them. That is only possible within the rigors of proper training.