Tricks of the Trade: Reality of Car Repairs You Need to Ask Your Mechanic

Car Repairs

Car RepairsIt’s easy to just drop off your car in the repair shop and let the mechanics do their thing. If you have the resources to do so every time, then you’re fine. But, for those who aren’t generous like that, knowing each of the processes involved towards “fixing” a car back is important.

Now, you probably have an idea where this discussion would lead to. Yes, it’s the surprising cost of car.

Below, JMC Equipment shares some realities about the industry and what you can do about it:

Don’t Believe Everything

It’s one of every mechanic’s most compelling tactics, to say something like “It’d be a miracle if this car survives another mile.”

What you can do: Instead of backing off and listening to the demands of the mechanic, consider counting how far you’re trying to go first. If where you’re going is well under a mile’s reach, then storm off and prove him wrong. But if it’s far, ask for specifics and list each repair and the cost each upfront.

Don’t Authorize Undone Work

Never sign a blank work order because you might lack the funds to cover the cost of repair once it’s over.

What you can do: If you need to sign something, set a budget limit. Tell your mechanic that you can only pay a certain amount and if they agree, then that’s your guarantee of coverage.

Don’t Get Done in by Extra Labor

Avoid the conflict of manual labor where you have to make additional payments for an extended work hour or even a day.

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What you can do: Specifically ask the time frame of the repair and agree on the completion date.

Completely relying on the mechanic to do the job isn’t always a good thing to do. It’s best to take and secure measures yourself to ensure a job well done and correctly paid.