Types of Tours Offered at the Charleston Harbor

Tombstone and graves

While some tourists stop by tour sites just to past the time, other spirits and scare enthusiast plan their entire trips thoroughly such that they exhaustively visit a series of haunted places. The spooky feeling they get when on a Charleston haunted tour is more than just for kicks or a few scares.

Some go for a genuine paranormal experience. Whatever your reason for going, you will realize there are plenty of places you can explore and have a lifetime experience in a ghost tour.

That said, here are some tours you might find appealing.

Haunted jail tour

This tour takes you to the old city jail that was operational from 1802 to 1939 and was once home to Charleston’s worst criminals in history. This criminal consisted of civil war prisoners and pirates of the 19th century.

Most structures here are still intact, and the tour involves a walk through the hallways, cells, and places where these criminals died.

Ghost and graveyard tour

Before the tour, you must have read a thousand tales about popular people who found their resting place in Charleston. This up-close and personal ghost tour takes you where others dare not to go. You will have the opportunity to walk in the graveyard after dark.

While at it, inspect the headstones, explore the very dark corners of the yard and, if you are daring enough, step across the graves.

Stroll walking tour

This tour knows no motor coaches and carriages. Instead, you will take a stroll that will educate you more on the colorful past and rich history of the city. Here, you will get to explore the historic battery, under the guidance of a Charleston native.

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Maneuver through the cobblestone streets and the back alleyways then walk along the battery appreciating the beauty and historical practices of the city.

These tours are worth exploring and are suitable for everyone. Your professional and experienced guide will make it even more interesting by giving you facts, narrating the history and showing you tour sites rich in America’s history.