Used Forklifts Can Be As Good As New If You Choose Wisely


ForkliftsBuying a powered industrial truck doesn’t always have to be such a costly pursuit. If your budget for equipment is running a little bit short, a used forklift can be good substitute for a new one. In fact, a pre-owned forklift truck makes financial sense, especially if you plan to use it only for a single shift or no more than five hours a day.

There are, of course, downfalls to the purchase of used forklift trucks. This is why you need to do your homework and examine your options before making a decision. shares a few things you need to do before buying a used truck:

Vehicle Examination

Make sure to assess the condition of a forklift before proceeding with purchase. It is advisable to examine the entire machine and look at maintenance records very carefully. If maintenance records are not available, perform inspections prior to purchasing the equipment. Make sure to check for cracks and rust in rollers, as well as bends and other types of distortion in forks.

Check for leaks in the transmission, radiator and engine. Examine the extent of any leaks spotted and determine the cost of repair before purchasing.

Test Drive and Operation

After the inspection, test drive the forklift truck and make sure that it responds to the steering wheel appropriately. You can further test the responsiveness by braking and reversing often. Be sure that the operator’s seat and seatbelt are secure and in good working condition.

While it may not be necessary, you may want to kick the tires and look for uneven wear. It is also important to check other controls and safety devices for operation such as floodlights and rear-back-up alarm. Don’t forget to review the loading capacity and compare it to your weight requirements.

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If your prospective truck passes the test and fits your standard, you may have found the right truck. Always hire a mechanic to ensure that an inspection is carried out properly.