What Do Today’s Car Buyers Want from Their New Rides?

Car Buyers' Choice of Cars in Battle CreekCar buyers nowadays are essentially spoiled. There’s a wide array of choices for them, each sporting spanking new features designed to capture their attention. New cars for sale can be incredibly diverse, making it more difficult for buyers to choose. That said, several dealers and manufacturers in Battle Creek set out to fulfill buyer desires. But what do buyers look for in a new car these days?

Achievable Expectations

Car buyers aren’t as stringent as some may think. They tend to make their choices based on simple criteria. Reliability is by far the foremost characteristic that draws them to a vehicle. This transcends all buyer age groups in the market. The problem is, “reliability” is as vague as terms can go. What buyers may mean by this, probably, is that they want a vehicle that’ll last them for a good number of years without too much trouble.

A Younger Buyer Generation

Today’s car buyers are younger than ever. Experts claim that Millennials are fuelling increased car sales numbers recently. Data from the firm J.D. Power shows that from 2014 to 2015, the number of car buyers aged at least 21 years old increased. This is seemingly in tune with the highest annual sales volume in 125 years.

Given that car buyers are younger, what do they look for in a vehicle now? They aren’t that hard to please, despite colloquial beliefs of their generation being picky. Andrew Gilleland, vice president of car manufacturer Scion, says that Millennials are far more pragmatic when it comes to vehicle choices. Their parents still hold sway over their car buying decisions in whichever way. Gilleland furthers that younger buyers are also more quality-conscious.

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“Common Suspects”

Rounding up buyer desires are pretty conventional desires. People want vehicles with comfortable seats, giving credence to the fact that they spend too much time getting stuck in traffic. Practicality sits at the top of a particular demographic: couples, especially those with young kids. If there’s not enough storage space, or even cupholders and gloveboxes, a car is a likely no-buy. 

There’s a wide array of choices in the automobile market. This makes it difficult for buyers to decide. Knowing what they want, however, is easy enough.