What is a Handyman and a Contractor?

Plumbing service

House repairs are inevitable.  The challenge is in finding the right person to do the job. Your brother gave the name of a contractor, while your friend spoke highly of a handyman and is encouraging you to choose that person instead.

But what is the difference between the two? How would you know which one is better for maintaining your home?

Both contractors and handymen are experienced in home repairs. The difference lies in the kind of projects they work on.

The Right Skills

The government requires contractors to have a license to practice their profession. License requirements, though, vary from one state to another. Contractors also mostly work on huge projects and have a specialized set of skills, particularly for commercial jobs.

Handymen are the jack of all trades; they can fix just about any system in your home. While the average handyman can only work on smaller projects, you can get handyman services that offer certified technicians who can work on any type of repair job. This type of service would have the capabilities of a contractor and the personable service of a neighborhood handyman.

Know Your Needs

Hire according to your need. If it is a simple retiling job in the bathroom, a regular handyman will do. If your home repair needs looking into the heating and cooling system or a system replacement, you need a high level of expertise. Look for a service that has handled similar jobs. Get references. And ask previous customers about feedback.

Air conditioners can break down. Heaters can fail at unreasonable times. Toilets run. House repairs require the right professional. Do intensive research before deciding. Try to get several quotes from different services. And make sure to have the number handy for quick, efficient response to your home repair needs.

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