When Even Winter Wear Can’t Help: Skin Problems that Arise During the Cold Season

Stretch MarkWinter is a great season for people who enjoy the cold weather and the Christmas atmosphere. Some people, however, are not particularly fond of winter, as it is the herald of certain skin conditions. Winter’s dry and crisp air may trigger a series of skin problems that arise as soon as the season comes around—much like seasonal affective disorder.

You have multiple ways of addressing winter-related skin problems. For example, you may bundle up in layers of clothes to keep yourself warm all the time. This will not always cut it, however, and you may need to have your home’s HVAC system checked or have a humidifier installed now that the temperature is dropping, and the air is becoming drier.

For this reason, JC’s Heating and Air—as well as other HVAC heating and cooling companies—strives for quality services that result in your comfort. With their expert services, these companies help to address the skin problems that even the most fabulous winter wear cannot remedy.

Dryness Is Nothing New

Wintertime means low temperature and dry air that absorbs the moisture from your skin. You may encounter dry patches on your face, constant skin dehydration, and even scaly hands or arms regardless of how much lotion you use. You may even encounter flaky lips—in which case you should stop licking them and use lip balm, instead.

As ordinary as dryness is, however, you still need to take care of your skin by moisturizing and controlling air humidity.

Itchiness and Irritation Are Pretty Common

When not managed well enough or when the air is too dry, skin dehydration may result in itchiness and irritation. It may also result in flushed cheeks, wind burns or skin breakouts. As common as they are during winter, though, you should still moisturize your skin properly and adequately—from lathering a generous amount of balm or lotion to making sure the humidifier is doing its job.

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Winter is a festive season, but it inevitably brings about harsh winds and low humidity that may cause your skin to suffer. Having said that, prepare your home for the cold temperature by having the HVAC system, as well as the humidifier, checked sometime soon.