Why Did Your Car Breakdown?

Car BreakdownWe don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere pushing our car because it broke down. This is a situation we want to avoid at all costs, but because we don’t send our vehicle to an auto shop for regular maintenance or repair, breakdowns may happen more often.

Faulty Battery

Problems in the car battery may result in shorter drives and poor electrical connection. This may increase the likelihood of breakdowns in the middle of nowhere because the battery loses its charge way too often.

Damaged Tyres and Wheels

The tyres and wheels bear the brunt of rough roads, skidding and others. When you wear these out, it will be difficult to manoeuvre, brake and turn. Worn tyres also put pressure on other parts of your vehicle such as the brakes and suspension, which may result in frequent breakdowns.

Faulty Alternator

Persistent problems in the battery and dimming headlights are signs that there might be something wrong with the alternator. Damage to the belt that moves the alternator and water pump may be in bad shape; this may lead to the quick rise of your engine’s temperature. In such cases, your vehicle may need immediate car repair to prevent further damage.

Clutch Cables

The clutch cable faces a lot of stress, once it breaks, it may cause serious car breakdowns and problems. When you notice any change in the way the clutch works, have it checked before the cable breaks completely.

Faulty Starter Motor

This part is normally durable, but they may still fail, if you do not maintain or repair your car regularly.

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These are some of the problems and potential breakdowns that may occur, if you fail to take care of your car regularly. The right care for your vehicle will improve its performance and prevent frequent repairs that cost you more money over time.