Why Steel is King

Men working on a steel product

There are many materials used in manufacturing, but the most preeminent is steel. The manufacturing industry uses four common steel types that are widely used, manufactured, and fabricated by steel companies in the USA.

Stainless Steel

This type of steel has a wide range of uses from the creation of domestic products such as sinks, razor blades, and cutlery to transportation equipment such as chemical tankers, refuse vehicles, and car grilles. It is also used in the creation of equipment for the food and beverage industry. Stainless tools are used in many catering, cooking, distilling, and brewing equipment. For general use, stainless steel is used in the manufacture of wires, springs, nuts, and bolts.

Carbon Steels

This type of steel comes in three categories, namely, low, medium, and high carbon steel. Low carbon steel often comes in the form of flat sheets. Many fabricators cut, shear, and slit. Medium carbon steel is stronger and therefore a bit harder to weld, cut, and form. This type of steel often requires a heat treatment for tempering. Lastly, high carbon steel is the most difficult to cut and weld. It is also called “carbon tool steel.”

Alloy Steels

As the name implies, this type of steel has alloying elements such as titanium, nickel, and copper. These elements are used to change and control the steel’s strength, welding ability, resistance to corrosion, and other properties. This type of steel is commonly found in manufacturing products such as auto parts, power generators, and pipelines.

Steel is King

While there are many types of materials used in the manufacturing industry these days, steel remains king. From the smallest consumer product such as zippers to large equipment like generators, steel is here to stay.

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