Wiper Basics: Few Rules to Remember When Replacing Windshield Wipers

Car Windshield Wiper

WiperWipers are easy to figure out. All car owners should know how it works, how to replace it and what brand of aftermarket manufacturer fits their specific needs. It just comes with owning a car, along with knowing what octane works best for certain vehicles, when not to drive and how to spot minor issues. Nonetheless, wipers are still important as they give drivers visibility on a rainy day.

For optimum efficiency, there are rules to follow when replacing wipers. It is easy to heed the advice of strangers on the Internet, but it would be best to adhere to actual practices when it comes to windshield wipers. This is to avoid problems while on the road, and as all car owners go, any small problem that happens during driving becomes a big one.

Just Buy a New One

Many drivers probably used the same wiper for years now. It is possible, especially if they only replace the rubber part that is responsible for removing the water. After all, it is the one that fades and decreases in efficiency.

Yet, the entire wiper, not just the rubber, fades. Go to any car accessories shop in Singapore and this is what they will say. This means that if it stays, the bigger chance it will just fall off while a driver is using it. It will probably attach itself to the wiper arm, making it harder to detach.


Is it really necessary to maintain a wiper? Actually, with simple steps, all drivers can be certain that wipers will work just fine. Just inspect them from time to time, especially after driving in bad weather to remove any gunk that may have accumulated. The last thing anyone wants is to damage the windshield because of debris or hard water.

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Picking the Right One

There is no consensus on what is the best wiper for everyone. The best thing to do is to know who the manufacturer is. It may be better to spend a little more on an aftermarket brand that offers wipers of better quality. Some low-cost wipers are inefficient from the start, forcing car owners to buy a new set, only causing further setbacks.

It is important to pay attention to every part of the car, even the seemingly unimportant things like wipers. Furthermore, any conversation about wipers is a conversation about visibility. That is an important thing, regardless of the car or the environment.